There is no more luxurious way in cruising along the open waters than by chartering a superyacht. Travel to your dream destination whilst marveling on the fresh breeze, peaceful surroundings, and countless sceneries. Be it a remote sun-kissed haven or a well-known island, we are more than capable to arrange luxury experiences aboard our wide array of readily available yachts.


Island of the Gods

Being one of the most traveled destinations around the globe, Bali is the most popular island getaway in the Indonesian archipelago. The island is...


The Crown Jewel of The Philippines

The Charter Yacht makes exceptional cruising packages to the famed Island of Boracay – a consistent top beach destination in the Philippines. It...


Where The Heart Sings

Hailed as the Queen City of the South, the Island of Cebu is a home to various wonderful tourist destinations. From sites of outdoor recreational...


Hong Kong

Asia's World City

Described by the Hong Kong Tourism Board as the city that is "a kaleidoscope of life, a sophisticated fusion of East and West, a city of diversity...


The Heart of Indonesia

Jakarta is not only Indonesia's largest city, but it also is the country's economic, cultural, and political center. Jakarta is also one of the...


Amidst the central city of the metro, an entirely faultless place for viewing the beautiful twilight can be found - The Manila Bay. Once dubbed as...



Every Island Is An Adventure

The Charter Yacht designs unique sailing experiences in the archipelago of Palawan which has been rated in 2007 as the 13th best island in the world...

Trip Ideas


Where Happiness Means The World

Phuket is among the world's finest beach destinations with its more than 30 amazing beach destinations to choose from, complete with unspoiled...

Puerto Galera

Simply Paradise

Puerto Galera, located on the northeast coast of Oriental Mindoro is known for its beautiful diving sites and impressive white beaches to go island...



Surfing Capital of the Philippines

The past five years of Siargao’s tourism have been relatively strong. Its astonishing beaches and perfectly giant waves helped the stunning island...


Passion Made Possible

Constantly evolving and reimagining itself, Singapore is a country full of new possibilities. Combining towering skyscrapers and modern technology...


It's More Fun-Tastic in Subic

Subic Bay is the Philippines’ first free port and a former largest U.S military Naval Base in Asia. It is situated in the Westcoast of Luzon around...



Being one of the leading tourism destinations around the globe, Turkey is a modern country with an alluring blend of ancient and modern along with...

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